AIM:  ..No one likes scratches and dents on their cars. Many times people get scratches and dents on their cars even if it is not their mistake. So here we propose an automated, pneumatic based vehicle bumper system project that uses sensor based system with pneumatic operated bumper in order to avoid car dents and scratches.

Using Components:

  • Pneumatic 
  • Regulator
  • Air compressor
  • IR transmitter
  •  IR receiver
  • Control Unit with Power supply
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Flow control Valve
  • Air Tank (Compressor)
  • Pneumatic piston 20mm dia approx
  • Pneumatic fitters 8mm
  • Pneumatic pipe 8mm
  • Pneumatic relay lever 
  • Pneumatic couplers

KM08 pneumatic Automatic bumper

₹28,000.00 Regular Price
₹14,000.00Sale Price

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