AIM:  Ctting a metal sheets dry using parametric powered sharing machine


This machine is for sheet metal industry and can be made into multiple machines and should be straight cutting machine .The machine is simple to maintain easy to operate. Hence we tried out hands on Pneumatic Shearing. Machine In shearing operation as the punch descends upon the metal, the pressure exerted by the punch first cause the plastic deformation of the metal. Since the clearance between the punch and the die is very small.

Using Components:

  • Sharing machine fixed cutter, 
  • Sharing machine moving cutter, 
  • supporting plate, 
  • pneumatic cylinder, 
  • air compressor
  • Fitter valve
  • Pneumatic pipe
  • manual valve
  • Base

KM04 Pneumatic based metal sheet cutter

₹22,000.00 Regular Price
₹11,000.00Sale Price

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