AIMthis project manly used for cutting wood and pvc plastics, it is DC power operated circular motion lo linear motion system using scotch yoke mechanism.


In this project DC power Operation convert Energy Input given by Operator to Circular motion of the wheel. DC powering also useful as an exercise. DC power is converted into mechanical work. This Circular motion of the DC power crank is converted into reciprocating or sometime oscillatory motion to drive Hacksaw blade. Generally Hacksaw is operated by manually, hydraulically, electrically motor or pulley commonly used in industries and workshop. 'To and pro motion of the hacksaw blade should cut the required material.


Using Components:

  • DC power Motor
  • Gear box
  • Linear bar 
  • Battery
  • Circle MS plate
  • Scotch Yoke Mechanism
  • hack saw
  • Connecting rod
  • Hacksaw blade 

KM74 Double Acting hackSaw Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism

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